June 1-15, 2012@ Kangra

DATE: 04.04.12     (SKYPE)

TIME: 8 pm IST

  1. Syed Sourav:  Possessors/ Bare nouns in object position Bangla (Univ of Southern California)

  2. Diti Bhadra: Reduplicated Verbal Adverbs in Bangla (Rutgers University)

DATE: 05.04.12     (SKYPE)

TIME:  2 pm IST

  1. Soumya Paloor: The compositional analysis of quantifiers in Malyalam (EFLU)

  2. Gurmeet Kaur: Differential object marking and specificity: Hindi/ Punjabi (HCU)

  3. Sindhu Herur: pro-drop or null-subject parameter in Kannada (EFLU)

  4. Shireen Irani: Language and Music (EFLU)

  5. Jaklin Mansoor: Verb meaning in Arabic (EFLU)

  6. Mahima Gulati: The syntax of acquisition of passives in Hindi (EFLU)

  7. Sakuntala Longkumer: Case system of some Tibeto-Burman languages (HCU)

DATE: 06.04.12     (SKYPE)

TIME: 2 pm IST

  1. Deepak Kumar: Comparative Correlatives in Hindi (DU)

  2. Ameen Alhadal: Feature Distribution along the Clausal Skeleton in Arabic (EFLU)

  3. Vineet Chaturvedi: Nominal Modification (EFLU)

  4. Benu Sharan: V1+V2 complex predicate structures in Hindi (JNU)

  5. Lalit Raj Kumar: Verbal Honorificity in Meiteilon: Relationships between Main Verb and the Auxiliary (DU)


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