June 1-15, 2012@ Kangra

DATE: 10.04.12     (FACE-TO-FACE) Room 225, Arts Faculty Extension Building, DU

TIME: 10 am- 1:30 pm

  1. Atanu Saha: Reciprocal Constructions in Meeteilon and Nyishi (JNU)

  2. Rajlaxmi Singh: Interaction of Case and Aspect: A Comparative Study of Hindi and Nepali (PhD, JNU)

  3. Anumitra Ghosh-Dostidar: (Non)veridical Bare Indefinites in Bangla (DU)

  4. Oinam Nganthoibi: Some theoretical issues in Meiteilon (JNU)

  5. Sonali Raj: Ditransitive Structures in Hindi (DU)

  6. Hidam Gourshyam: Languages without Case/ Adposition (DU)

  7. Mustafa Al-Humari: Conflation in Arabic Motion Events (JNU)


TIME: 2:30 5:00 pm

  1. Jyoti Iyer: Subjunctives and covert subjects (JNU)

  2. Sakshi Bhatia: Intrasentential code switching in Hindi-English (DU)

  3.  Anne Beshears: An exploration of go as a light verb in English (JNU)

  4. Gurujegan M.: Tamil Path Expressions and *ABA violation (JNU)

  5. Ruchi Jain: Bundeli and its concord patterns (JNU)

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